Our History

As old as the Jewish people are, is how long we've sought guidance from our spiritual leaders. From Moshe to the Rambam to your local community Rabbi, our Rabbis and spiritual guides have been links in the chain of our tradition, helping us glean insight, meaning and halachic guidance from the Torah.

In our ever-advancing technological world, AskMyRabbi is the next link in that chain.

Our Purpose

AskMyRabbi strives to continue the Rabbinical tradition of providing halachic, hashkafic, and general Torah education. Our team of caring and dedicated ordained Rabbis and Dayanim stand at the ready to provide personalized answers to your pertinent questions. We aim to provide an excellence of service, reliability, understanding and care.

Our Service

On our Home Page you'll find three easily accessible channels available for you to ask one of our Rabbis your question - in keeping with our tradition - at no charge at all. You can choose to submit your question via a submission form, and even opt-in to remain completely anonymous, in order to protect your privacy. Alternatively, you can give us a call directly from our site and speak to a Rabbi on the phone. Finally, you can even send us a WhatsApp message with your question. Whichever channel you choose to ask your question, we endeavor to answer in a timely and professional manner. We also offer a paid consultation service with a Dayan for additional expert guidance on contracts, dispute resolution, estate planning, family law and other areas.